Quality real estate appraisals in Orange, Chatham and Durham Counties, NC.

Welcome to my web site. I'm a local real estate appraiser for this area of North Carolina. Let's talk about COVID-19 and appraisals. My profession is included as "essential" by our governor, so I'm open for business. So that everyone remains healthy, I am very careful when inside occupied properties. Most of the time I will need to see the interior. For some assignments I can still produce a high quality report with some homeowner help.  Ultimately it's my decision, as I need to have a credible and high quality report.  At any time in the process, including questions after report delivery, we can meet via Zoom, Skype, Google Duo, or what works best for you. 

 When I started in 1992. I felt that I had found a career that used most of my skills. After fulfilling the time requirements for state certification, I founded Julian Appraisals in 1995. My past business incarnations include Realtor since 1987, and 15 years before that in menswear retail at my father's store, Milton's Clothing Cupboard on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill. 

As an appraiser one of the main skills I pull from my career past is problem solving. The foundation of good appraisals starts with identifying the problem to be solved. Geographic competency is a main component in the foundation of a well reasoned analysis. I grew up here, and as an adult have lived and worked here since 1973. My business plan from the beginning of Julian Appraisals remains to thoroughly research all factors that create value, and to produce detailed high quality reports. I have experience with all kinds of residential property. 

My approach is different because my research is thorough. I examine and analyze both the wider market, along with the comparable sales that share the most with the property. By continuously keeping up with real estate trends in my service area and staying current on valuation techniques, I've been consistently able to produce reliable home valuations for all of clients. Hyperlinks on this page are bold & underlined

Julian Appraisals & Consulting Specializes In:

  • Pre-Listing Appraisals
  • Estate Planning & Settlement
  • Divorce Settlement
  • Expert Witness and Litigation Support
  • Tax Assessment Dispute
  • Investment Properties

Julian Appraisals & Consulting

Shannon Julian, Appraiser

Education is important, and I stay current with regulations, technology, and all other changes in my profession. I've had that same approach to my career in menswear, where I studied the business of menswear. In appraisaland, I stay connected to other appraisers across the country through email forums. I learn from some of the smartest professionals, and this has helped me develop additional analytical skills.

I take very seriously the commitments I make to clients. Privacy is upmost and a foundation of our client relationships. Part of the client relationship is defined by Uniform Standards, the minimum rules I must follow. The rest is based on common sense. I live and work in a small enough area that I'm likely to cross paths with clients often.  One of my goals is to be your local expert for residential values. 

Being an appraiser was not my first career.  I worked with my father in his store on Franklin Street, and that experience helped form my commitment to a good product with lasting value. Milton taught me the value of customer service, and I learned a lot in our 15 years together in his men's clothing store. One of my goals with this web site is to share with you my history, my approach to appraisals, and who I am. I'm updating this site often, and I invite you to look again.  

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