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Mortgage News Daily Feed & Christian Science Monitor:
Mortgage Rates Drift Inconsequentially Higher
12/6/2022 3:57 PM
This week continues to be a placeholder ahead of more consequential events coming up in the week ahead.  Specifically, next Tuesday and Wednesday"s combination of the Consumer Price Index and the Fed announcement will unequivocally set the tone for rates heading into the end of the year and possibly beyond. Between now and then, there"s not m...Read More
Mystery Rally Gets Bonds Back in The Green
12/6/2022 3:39 PM
Mystery Rally Gets Bonds Back in The Green Both Tuesday and Wednesday are effectively free from market-moving economic data,  Moreover, nothing this week has to offer can come close to next week"s CPI/Fed combo.  That leaves bonds to drift without much conviction until next Tuesday and today fit t...Read More
What"s Next For Bonds if The 10yr Drops Below 3.5%?
12/6/2022 11:23 AM
Today"s trading session is effectively data-free in the US with the never-market-moving International Trade report the only data on the calendar.  Bonds were willing to respond to broad economic implications of covid policies in China as well as econ data in Europe, but none of the above was worth a range breakout for Treasuries in the overnig...Read More
Mortgage Rates Start Lower, But Finish Higher
12/5/2022 3:08 PM
Mortgage rates ended last week very close to their lowest levels in more than 2 months after Fed Chair Powell essentially confirmed next week"s rate hike would be smaller than the last.  This wasn"t necessarily new news based on speeches from many other members of the Fed, but markets were more willing to react to Powell himself.  Friday...Read More
Black Knight Home Price Data at Odds With Recent FHFA Move
12/5/2022 2:46 PM
Black Knight released its Mortgage Monitor report today--always a treasure trove of robust housing/mortgage-related data.  Of particular interest this time around is the ongoing price declines seen in Black Knight"s Home Price Index (HPI)--especially as they relate to the recent FHFA HPI data that influenced new conforming loan limits. To be ...Read More
Weaker Start on Data and Fed Anxiety
12/5/2022 2:22 PM
Weaker Start on Data and Fed Anxiety Bonds got off to a weaker start in the new week on a variety of factors.  Over the weekend, a few Fed pundits shared more hawkish outlooks, including the WSJ, which pointed out that a 50bp Fed hike could be offset by the higher terminal rate in the dots.  Marke...Read More
Countdown to CPI Continues
12/5/2022 10:21 AM
The importance of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) cannot be overstated for most of 2022.  That"s doubly true in November and December.  The Nov 10th iteration rocked the market (in a good way).  The Dec 13th iteration has the power to confirm or refute November"s takeaway, and it"s now only 8 calendar days away.  If it feels like...Read More
Fulfillment, Social Media Compliance, Jumbo Products; Conforming Conventional Changes
12/5/2022 8:21 AM
“Hey Chet, since you’re the new guy here with the park U.S. Geological Survey in Hawai’i, you’re going to be the one placing the live cam on the volcano for our YouTube feed. Splendid! We’ll be behind you all the way.” (Apply to mortgage banking however you see fit.) Scooting back to lending, I am occasionally asked about high balance conforming co...Read More
Bonds Ultimately Shrug Off Stronger Jobs Data
12/2/2022 3:12 PM
Bonds Ultimately Shrug Off Stronger Jobs Data Today saw a fairly impressive round trip for rates following the stronger-than-expected jobs report.  The initial reaction was clear and unsurprising.  NFP (and especially wages... recently mentioned by Powell) came out higher and rates immediately jum...Read More
Rates Dream of Green Christmas With Help From The Fed
12/2/2022 2:48 PM
As far as financial markets are concerned, a green Christmas is better than anything Bing Crosby could have crooned about. Green is the color that flashes when markets are improving or when interest rates are falling. Green, for lack of a better word, is good. For mortgage rates, it"s been an especially difficult year.  They"ve risen at the f...Read More

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Your Money Articles from New York Times:
Did You Sell an Old Desk Online? You May Receive a Tax Form.
9/30/2022 8:00 AM
A law requires online marketplaces to send out a Form 1099-K for sales of $600 or more. Most casual sellers will not owe taxes on the sales, but that’s not always clear...Read More
Confused by the New Mortgage Gimmicks? Here’s a Guide.
9/29/2022 3:04 PM
Mortgage lenders are offering incentives to borrowers, hoping to lure them even as rates soar. It’s up to consumers to sort it all out...Read More
Deadlines for Using Up Flexible Spending Accounts Return
9/16/2022 8:00 AM
Relaxed rules during the pandemic let workers carry over more of the pretax money, which must be spent on health costs or forfeited, but they’re expiring...Read More
Student Loan Forgiveness Is Complicated, Because This Is America
9/15/2022 1:08 PM
Instead of making higher education free, we subsidize it later through repayment plans and attempts at debt cancellation. The complexity is disrespectful...Read More
Why Christmas Trees Could Cost More This Year
12/3/2022 2:00 AM
Inflation and tight supplies are the big reasons. Still, there are some things you can do to keep the price down and still have a natural tree...Read More
How to Manage Credit Card Debt When Holiday Shopping
11/25/2022 4:00 AM
Card balances have been rising rapidly. But there are ways to navigate the gift-giving season without taking on a lot of new debt...Read More
How Fairfield University Ended Up With Few Low-Income Students
11/19/2022 2:00 AM
Fairfield has the lowest percentage of Pell Grant recipients of any college in the United States. But was it a choice...Read More
Many States Are Sending Checks to Help Residents With Inflation
11/18/2022 8:00 AM
Up to 20 are using some of their budget surpluses to help taxpayers deal with high inflation. But some economists worry that the payments could fuel inflation...Read More
Biden Administration Offers New Path to Discharging Student Debt in Bankruptcy
11/18/2022 4:38 PM
The Justice and Education Departments said the process would be more fair and consistent for people in bankruptcy seeking relief on their federal student loans...Read More
Kittens? Sex Toys? Pushing the Limits of Flexible Spending Accounts.
11/12/2022 5:45 PM
The deadline for spending the money in the health accounts is approaching, and people are stretching the definition of eligible expenses...Read More

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