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Mortgage News Daily Feed & Christian Science Monitor:
Mortgage Rates Barely Budge at Long-Term Highs
9/26/2023 3:28 PM
In terms of day-over-day changes, today"s mortgage rate movement was forgettable.  The average borrower wouldn"t see much of a difference from yesterday"s rates at the average lender.  In both cases, those rates would be at or near the highest levels since 2001. The underlying bond market experienced a bit more drama.  The early mor...Read More
Stronger Start, Weaker Finish, No Real Reason
9/26/2023 3:25 PM
Stronger Start, Weaker Finish, No Real Reason Bonds improved in the overnight session, but reversed course the moment that the US bond market hit the 8:20am CME open.  The selling wasn"t intense, but it was consistent from that point on.  10yr yields ultimate set new long term highs just over 4.56...Read More
New Home Sales at 5 Month Lows; Still Much Higher Year-Over-Year
9/26/2023 1:11 PM
August sales of newly constructed single-family homes failed to match the robust numbers from July but were significantly better than those a year earlier. The U.S. Census Bureau and Department of Housing and Urban Development said last month’s sales were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 675,000, the lowest since March and an 8.7 percent dec...Read More
Bond Market Continues "Repricing"
9/26/2023 11:12 AM
The seemingly never-ending sea of red continues.  And for good measure, this one began with a bit of hope in the form of an overnight rally that got 10yr yields back below 4.50%. Not one moment after the official end of the overnight session, domestic traders started selling, pausing only briefly for the 9:30am NYSE open before taking yields t...Read More
Home Price Appreciation Continues Defying The Odds
9/26/2023 10:16 AM
Home prices have resumed their upward climb despite mortgage rates that have doubled post-COVID. According to Craig J. Lazzara, Managing Director at S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Indices, the National Index for July hit an all-time high. That index, which covers all nine U.S. census divisions, rose 1.0 percent from the previous July, after postin...Read More
Data Mining, Digital Lending, Real Estate Database, Servicing Products; Conventional Conforming Program Shifts
9/26/2023 9:27 AM
As if lenders and vendors don’t have enough other stuff to worry about, the budgetary standoff in the U.S. doesn"t look like it will abate soon, raising the likelihood of the first government shutdown since 2019. Current funding for federal operations will end on October 1 unless a deal is reached or the proverbial can kicked down the road. Thousan...Read More
Mortgage Rates Officially Hit New Multi-Decade Highs
9/25/2023 3:21 PM
The average lender was already very close to multi-decade highs for 30yr fixed mortgage rates last Thursday afternoon, but a modest recovery on Friday meant that there was a chance we could have avoided printing today"s headline this week.  Unfortunately, the bond market started the day in rough shape and continued to lose ground throughout.&n...Read More
Sell Now and Wait For Something to Convince You to Buy
9/25/2023 3:10 PM
Sell Now and Wait For Something to Convince You to Buy Bonds began the week with another move to long-term yield highs.  There was a wave of selling in the overnight session led by Europe and another when domestic traders ramped up for the day.  Neither were unequivocally the product of some data ...Read More
New Week, New Highs
9/25/2023 11:04 AM
We continue to anticipate a broadly sideways trend this week although that expectations is being put to the test in early trading.  Yields in the longer end of the curve hit more long-term highs this morning, and not in response to any especially compelling data or events. Weakness was generalized in the overnight session, and not much better ...Read More
Borrower Engagement, Analytics, Internal Audit Tools; CRA News; STRATMOR on the Cost of Indecisive Leadership
9/25/2023 9:00 AM
Are you gradually eating dinner earlier? Join the trend. Want to know another trend that isn’t so benign? Along the lines of the STRATMOR piece below, I received this email over the weekend. “Rob, I’m a processor at a lender who was doing about $80 million a month in 2020 and 2021 but is now doing $15 million. We saved money during those years and ...Read More

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Your Money Articles from New York Times:
The Rising Costs of Owning a Car
9/22/2023 8:00 AM
Everything is going up — buying, financing, insurance and maintenance. The average annual cost of ownership, by one estimate, is $12,000...Read More
How to Get the Best Foreign Exchange Rate
9/20/2023 4:00 AM
How to avoid foreign transaction and bank fees, and where to get the best rate when you travel abroad...Read More
What Fed Rate Moves Mean for Mortgages, Credit Cards and More
9/20/2023 10:01 AM
Savers benefit from higher rates, but borrowers have faced bigger bills on credit cards, student loans and other forms of debt...Read More
Why Car Insurance Costs Are Rising for New York Drivers
9/22/2023 7:49 PM
Policyholders should check the details of their auto insurance, which will automatically enroll them in extra spousal coverage — even if they’re single...Read More
How This Start-Up Raised Its Median Donations by 80%
9/26/2023 2:18 PM
A start-up used the Hebrew word “chai” and its numerical match, 18, to bump up giving amounts. What magic number would do the same for you...Read More
Beware Companies Selling Credit ‘Repair’ Services
9/15/2023 8:00 AM
Consumers have a right to dispute mistakes on their credit reports. But if they’ve made late payments, that can’t be erased, consumer experts say...Read More
How Child Care in New York City Became Unaffordable for Nearly Everyone
9/12/2023 2:29 PM
As the city’s affordability crisis worsens for nearly everyone, even upper-middle-class New Yorkers are struggling to pay for child care. The workers who provide it are struggling too...Read More
Why Some Ex-Workers at Bed Bath & Beyond Face 401(k) Losses
9/9/2023 4:00 AM
Federal law generally protects retirement savings when a company files for bankruptcy. But that’s not always the case...Read More
Travel Rewards Cards: How to Maximize Points, Perks and Miles
9/7/2023 3:58 PM
The range of perks you can earn is almost as bewildering as the rules to get them are. Here’s how to compare cards and get the most out of the ones you have...Read More
Student Loan Payments Are Due Again. Here Are 5 Things to Know.
9/1/2023 12:25 PM
A three-year payment pause ends in October. A more affordable repayment plan is available, and some borrowers will receive a fresh start...Read More

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