I want to thank you for the diligent professionalism you exhibited on our property appraisal.

The property is a complex assignment and not typical in the world of FHA appraising. At our original meeting and orientation on site I was heartened by your understanding of the property and construction in general. As the process unfolded you performed as a knowledgeable advocate for the value of the property.

We consider ourselves fortunate to have your guidance and expertise exercised on our behalf.

With appreciation

Robert Phillips, Robert's Web Site  


Over the past 20 years I have used 10 or more home appraisers. They have all been nice and have done their job.

We used Shannon Julian for our last home appraisal and his methods were quite different. He made many more measurements and estimates, as well as, spent much more time than any other we have used. I felt like my appraisal was far more accurate to the real cost value, as well as, the comparable value to other similar homes. I would highly recommend him for your next home appraisal.

David Kroninger

Pittsboro, NC


Shannon Julian is my go to person when I want a non-biased professional opinion of real value on any property. His attention to detail and adherence to Appraisal Board guidelines gives me a tremendous amount of confidence in his work. He has the reputation of being "the best in the industry".

René Hendrickson, Realtor

Rene's Web Site:   Serving Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill


As an attorney who does a lot of probate work, I often find it necessary to use an appraiser. I have used Shannon Julian several times, with very good results. Working with him is a pleasure.


Gregory Herman-Giddens, JD, LLM, TEP, CFP

Attorney at Law (NC, FL, TN, NY)

Board Certified Specialist in Estate Planning and Probate Law (NC)

Registered Trust and Estate Practitioner

England and Wales, non-pracitising Solicitor