My father, Milton Julian, passed away on January 17, 2015.  He was just over three weeks shy of his 97th. He life a long and interesting life.  Pop died in his sleep, and he was comfortable and in no pain. Here's a copy of his obituary. This is my eulogy delivered at the grave side service. The news of Milton's death appeared in all the local media, and the Associated Press even picked it up. Here's an article that ran on January 22, 2015 in The Daily Tar Heel

Milton and Virginia, my parents, lived on their farm just south of Hillsborough, NC. My Mom used to raise horses on the farm, and her horse skills were legendary.  However her dementia advanced in 2009. Virginia died just after Mother's Day in 2010.

My Mother's dementia was due to Alzheimer's Disease , and it produced a major change in her lifestyle. She lost her independence, and she had 24/7 skilled care in her house on the farm. My Dad's life is of course very different now. He remains healthy, and has 24/7 care. Living with my Mother with Alzheimer's was challenging, and it was hard on Milton to see his wife's changes. Her caregivers were excellent, and we remain thankful for their hard work.

Virginia died on the morning of Monday, May 10, 2010. I am happy that she suffers no more. The funeral was Wednesday, May 12th. Here's the obituary that ran, and this is a copy of my section of family comments during the graveside service.

Their house was a 200+ year old log cabin that was expanded and renovated in 2005. My brother Bruce's brother in law, Donnie Ellis was the architect for the addition and redesign. The finished and expanded cabin has delightful architectural details that continue to bring a smile to their faces. The cabin's setting is on a hilltop overlooking a spring and creek. The woods around the cabin have never been logged nor farmed. 

We sold the farm in September, 2014. Pop moved back to Chapel Hill, and he was happy being back. He liked the new house and its convenient location. His health had been slipping since January, 2014, and during his decline Milton's positive outlook remained strong. We started 24/7 care in Pop's house in March, 2014. It was fantastic care from Providing Loving Care (910-521-5513).

My brother Bruce continues our father's business tradition with his own clothing store in Charlotte, Bruce Julian Clothier. I worked with my Dad for 15 years in the men's clothing business. However, I know that my brother is the one who inherited Pop's flair in menswear. Bruce amazes me with his creativity, his positive approach to his business, and he remains a strong force.

Before moving out the country, Milton and Virginia lived in the house we know from growing up there. The location was so close to campus, that as an adult I used to park there and walk to Kenan Stadium for UNC football games. That house was designed for them by the renowned architect, George Matsumoto. Their former house is shown among other homes done by George Matsumoto, US Modernist House. When they sold it in 2005, the buyer was very familiar with Matsumoto and with Chapel Hill when he was a grad student here. He was moving back to Chapel Hill to join the faculty. I look forward to see polish applied to that jewel of a house. Moving older parents can be a difficult process in the best of circumstances. Dad and Mom's move was a two step. First they moved to rental house, and then into the "new" cabin about 8 months later. Their relocation to the farm was a wonderful time for them, so much better than their rental house.

Here's a couple of links to recent articles written about them, Milton's 95th and Carrboro Citizen. Pop says that the photo that Valarie Schwartz took for her article in the Carrrboro Citizen is one of the best of him and Mom. Below are some current photos of my folks. I took them in early February, 2008. The one of my Dad was taken on his back porch, and the one of Mom and Dad was taken on their front porch. 

 I hope you enjoy "meeting" my folks as much as I have enjoyed them through the years.


 These were at their house in January, 2008.




This was take in the late 1950's, and has most of the kids.  Virginia is one the left, holding Jami, I'm next, the Bruce, Andy is standing behind Bruce, then Kimi, and then Phillip

Pop's store at 163. E. Franklin Street in Chapel Hill around April, 1979.

Milton's Clothing Cupboard was in this location from 1952 to 1992.

 North Carolina beach trip around 1953, from left,  Bruce (about 1 year), Milton (the big one) and Shannon.

From Shirley Davis, taken by her Mom Clara, also known as Chubby.

A younger Milton Julian, from Bruce's collection. Photo taken in the Coker Arboretum when Milton was a UNC student before WWII.